Overhall Training with Cordell Hall at Dayton Sports Complex. 

Cordell Hall is Certified I’m Possible Trainer in the Dayton, Ohio Area who been a training for 5 years.  He worked with some of the top players and programs who help numerous players received D1 scholarship and professional contracts.  We help our players improve with Skills Enhancement Training to improve players overall skills that will translate to the game. We also teach game enhancement training which we help players prepare for game situations. We work with athletes from Youth, Middle School, High School, College and The Pros. Will turn your weakness into strength, help you become good to great, and help you develop mentally to become more confidence and obtain a better basketball IQ.

At OverHall Training not only are we training our players, but we teach and help out players gain the knowledge & skills help their development.  At OverHall Training our training program and the structure plan will help evaluate & keep track on their progression. This will address the players need skills and IQ that will translate to the game.  We work with all skills level no matter from Beginner level or Elite Pro, our program will goal take your game to the next level.